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I will be using STM32 Nucleo board which is powered by a ARM cortex m4 microcontroller for tutorials. It will be a set of video tutorials. I am still planning about the content of the course, tentatively this is what I will be covering:
  • Embedded Systems Inroduction
  • Examples of embedded systems
  • Basic concepts and tools required for embedded system development
  • Different Communication protocols (I2C/USART/SPI/CAN etc.)
  • Interfacing different sensors (Accelerometer, temperature sensor, gps, IR, pressure, ultrasonic etc.)
  • Interfacing different actuators (Motors, relay, etc.)
  • Basic electronic circuits (logic level converters, power drivers, voltage regulators, buck converters, etc.)
  • Some standard development board for IOT (linkint smart, stm32 nucleo, rasberry pi, arduino, etc.)